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Solid Muslin Backdrops

Savage Solid Colored Muslins and Infinity Pro Cloth Backdrops are top choices for adding a smooth background to portraits, product shots, group photos, video productions and more. These muslin photo backgrounds are crafted from extra durable, 100% cotton material which makes them ideal for heavy-duty work such as large product shoots or rugged location shots. Seamless construction and careful stitching on all four sides make these backdrops long-lasting and professional looking. Made with a dye layering technique that creates vibrant colors with excellent depth.

Solid Colored Muslins and Pro Cloth are must-haves for images requiring clean, clear backgrounds and are ideal for working with colored gels. Like all of our muslins, Pro Cloth’s matte finish does away with reflections. Available in 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’.

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