Savage Muslin Backdrops are truly the workhorses of the photography industry. Durable and versatile, they are a must-have component of a complete studio setup. Made from high-quality, non-reflective cotton, they create a professional look with minimal effort. Our wide variety of muslins includes solid colors, special effects like airbrushing and hand-painting, even retro-print backgrounds for a fun, nostalgic look. They create a unique ambiance in any studio or location, perfect for portraits, events, product shots, video production—virtually any situation in which a backdrop is needed.

Savage Muslins come equipped with a 3” rod pocket and are carefully sewn on all sides for ultimate durability and superior visual appeal. Seamless construction eliminates unsightly background lines. Made from durable, 100% cotton material that is easy to clean and machine washable. 

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    Pros and Cons of Using Muslin Backdrops

    Muslin backdrops are kind of the Rodney Dangerfields of the photography industry. Like the dear departed comedian, they often don’t get much respect. And, they have a similar world-worn, beat-up look to them (at least most of them do). But these aren’t necessarily bad things. 

  • How to Get Wrinkles Out of Muslin

    How to Get Wrinkles Out of Muslin

    Whether you’re on the road or in a studio, the second most important thing you’re going to pay attention to is background. It’s safe to say that the least amount of distraction behind your subject will make for a better picture. So let’s consider photo backdrops, and most specifically, muslin backdrops.

  • Muslin vs. Seamless Paper

    Muslin vs. Seamless Paper

    Admit it photo geeks! When you look at a photograph of a model you don’t always zero in on how the shot was composed, nor the model’s eyes. You inspect the backdrop. You check its texture, color, how it was lit, and how well it complements the model. At least I do, because that’s what I look for during the creative process while shooting.

  • Black Cream Retro Muslin Backdrop

    The History of Muslin

    Muslin is much more than just a lightweight backdrop or lighting tool, it is a fabric that dates back as early as the 3rd century CE with a vast history and a variety of uses. The origin of the word “Muslin” is ambiguous and often debated. 

  • Exotic Desert Shoot with the Photographer's Adventure Club!

    Exotic Desert Shoot with the Photographer's Adventure Club!

    Savage Universal is a proud sponsor of the Photographer's Adventure Club! In August, they hosted an exotic Egyptian themed photo shoot, where their VIP guest was a huge boa constrictor! The photos feature Savage's beautiful Pisa Hand Painted Muslin backdrop

  • What Backdrops are Best for Traveling?

    What Backdrops are Best for Traveling?

    When you’re traveling as a photographer, unless you have a truck that carries your entire studio with you, considerations have to be made with regard to space and size that will greatly influence the kind(s) of backdrop you carry with you. 

  • What Type of Muslin Background is Right for You?

    What Type of Muslin Background is Right for You?

    Muslin backgrounds are easy to transport, lightweight, and fold up nicely whether you want to store them or take them with you on a job. They look extremely professional and hang or drape perfectly creating interesting soft shapes in the background of your photographs. They come in many different styles, which can make deciding on the one that is best for your project a tough choice.