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All Photos Courtesy of Starr Photography

I found Savage seamless backdrop paper in October 2013 and I absolutely fell in love with the ease of use, consistency of how it photographs and how cost effective it is to use. Since then I’ve grown my Savage collection to include many colors. I use them in almost every single session I shoot. The best part is even the scrap pieces get used at the end of the roll by my son who loves to paint and draw on pieces too small to use for shoots. Versatile and cost effective! That is truly what us photographers want!

Baby Blue

I recently was able to get the Baby Blue Seamless Paper. I’ve used several of the blues that Savage offers. This one is hands down one of my new favorites!! Although the name doesn’t really fit to the paper color. If you’ve been online you know the color swatches do not exactly match the paper sometimes when you get it in. You really should order the swatch pamphlet. But even still the tiny little pieces of paper may not look like that would in use with lighting. This color photographs more along the lines of sea foam, aqua, or even could be a dark mint. I adore this color. It’s pastel and muted but still adds a stunning pop of color which complements any type of session from newborns to cake smashes. I highly recommend this color and will keep it in my rotation for sure!


Baby Blue Seamless Paper


I’m a sucker for dark colors and gray is one of my favorite neutral colors to use in sessions. I can pair it with tons of options to get the look I’m after. I’ve used several of the gray drops Savage offers and Charcoal one of the good midtone grays. It’s not as dark as Thunder Gray but not as light as Storm Gray. It’s right smack in the middle. It photographs very nicely and I love it!

charcoal seamless paper

charcoal seamless paper

charcoal seamless paper


Oh holy brightness! If you want to make a statement with an image then Canary is definitely the paper to use. Although, with babies who are sitting directly on the paper you will be required to do a little additional post editing in order to remove color cast. When I ordered I was really hoping that it would be a more muted color since they do offer some darker yellows and this is closest to pastel yellow Savage offers. I would love for Savage to come out with a more pastel color that would be better for newborn/baby photographers. They currently offer several vivid colors with corresponding pastel colors (i.e. Purple/Orchid, Tulip/Coral, and Ultramarine/Blue Mist, etc.). It is possible to ‘convert’ this to more of a pastel color after some editing, but to edit an entire session shot on this (i.e. cake smash) would be a lot of extra work in post. Other than my issue with the brightness in use with small children the color is nice, the paper is thick and sturdy, and it lives up to being the quality that Savage offers.

canary seamless paper

canary seamless paper

Suzanne Merrill

Professional Photographer and Studio Owner Suzanne Merrill of Starr Photography is becoming nationally recognized for her warm, rich, and unique style of photographing newborns in the New England area. Suzanne is often referred to as the "baby whisperer" and she won't photograph a newborn without her trusty "baby kryptonite". She loves smashing cake with her babies she's watched grow over the course of the year. Beginning to end, Suzanne is extremely passionate about her babies. Suzanne has been creating memories out of her in home studio since January 2012, shooting with only natural light. Suzanne has been in front of the camera since the day she was born, so it's fitting she has a passion to capture this life altering event in her clients' lives. She specializes in Maternity, Newborn, and through the major milestones in your baby's first year of life. Then celebrates that first year with a fun and whimsical Smash Cake session. Suzanne loves connecting with people and through this connection she has started to teach her "ways of the force" to others in the newborn photography world. She is extremely involved in several online groups where she offers insight and advice from personal experiences. She offers online workshops and teaches in-person hands-on mentoring in her studio. Suzanne has been working with newborns since 2012 but has been capturing memories since 2008. She is a member of the PPA, IAPP, and IANP. Suzanne has had her work published in Newborn Magazine, Prop Insanity Magazine, featured on Best Newborn Photographer, and published in Child Photo Competition's Baby Boom.

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