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Our Project Pet Portraits is aimed to match volunteer photographers with a professional studio background for pet adoption photographs and animal rescue shelters across the US. This month we had the wonderful opportunity to have pet photographer, Tanya Hopkins, shoot on our Rustic Seamless Paper for a recent adoption weekend with Humane League of Lancaster County

Pet Photographer Tanya Hopkins isn’t daunted by the limited number of hours in a day. Tell her there’s not enough time to get it all done and she’ll likely respond with a heartfelt, “Sure there is!” Despite her busy client schedule, Tanya volunteers her time and talents to numerous nonprofit organizations in the Eastern Pennsylvania region to help get shelter animals into loving homes — where they belong.

Tanya is the only photographer in Pennsylvania who is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers, Nikon Professional Services, and HeARTs Speak Global Artist Group. With a BFA in Photographic Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology, she’s been photographing pets since 2004 and enjoys incorporating both the latest digital technology and the newest in artistic expression in her photographs. She loves the Savage Seamless Paper in pet photography not only for the rainbow of colors and hues available, but also for its convenience and easy cleanup. (Animals can be messy, in case you haven’t heard.)

As a proud artist member of the global HeARTs Speak Group, Tanya is a firm believer that beautiful, quality photos translate to pets getting adopted more quickly. Since 2014, Tanya has photographed over 500 shelter animals for Humane Pennsylvania and has provided photography services for fundraising appeals (which raised over $50,000). Her images have been used in local media outlets, publications, electronic newsletters, and social media platforms, eliciting responses from thousands of potential adopters throughout and beyond the region.

In addition to her work with Humane Pennsylvania, Tanya has supported the Delaware Humane Association, the Brandywine Valley SPCA, American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life, Phoenix Animal Rescue, Tiny Miracles Rescue, Furever Home Adoption Center, and Lititz Ambucs.

Learn more about Tanya’s work and her dedication to homeless animals by visiting her website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn page. In addition to volunteering, Tanya also donates a limited number of silent auction and raffle items each year to support local rescues. If you know of a rescue hosting a fundraising event that’s looking for donated gift certificates, please contact Tanya for availability.