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Pet photographer Kyndall Elliott works with Human Society of the Palouse to volunteer her amazing photography skills for their adorable adoptees. She tried out our Super White and Baby Blue Seamless Paper this month, and we are so excited to share the photo shoot results with you!

Kyndall told us,

“This winter the Humane Society of the Palouse has gotten quite a few special cases. We got in a dachsund puppy that had a 4 inch gash on her belly, a cat with a heart murmur, and a dog who needs anxiety medication. But I don’t want those things to be all that a potential adopter sees. The space inside of the shelter is really limited, so I always use on strobe with a 3x3 softbox to my right. I like to keep a simple background so the shelter can use the images for design work in the future, and I like the pets to shine through. The fun color with the Savage Baby Blue backdrop really helps with that! It’s hard when I take these images sometimes, I really want to take half the animals I shoot home. I want whoever looks at these images to feel the same way.

The puppy’s name is Scoops and she’s the one with the gash on her belly. She was turned in to the shelter in pretty bad shape, but she was biting my toes all throughout the shoot and running around like a wild child so I think she’s feeling much better! The cat with the heart murmur is the other cat in the cone, his name is Sinatra and he purrs the moment you pick him up. The dog with anxiety is Thor, he’s the German shepherd in the Super White backdrop. Someone believed in Thor and the breed so much they paid his adoption fee, so he just needs to find the perfect fit now.”