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Midsize seamless background paper offers flexibility for location photographers and small studios

Chandler, AZ (May 14, 2018) — Savage Universal, worldwide leader in backgrounds and photographic products, is pleased to announce the expansion of its internationally recognized Widetone® Seamless Background Paper to include a midsize option of 86 inches wide x 12 yards long in their full color line.

Following the brand’s initial success of introducing this background size in four industry standard colors (Black, Super White, Storm Gray and Tech Green) in 2015, they recognized the significant demand and opportunity to expand the midsize line. Now available across all 65 colors (50 colors in some international regions) the 86” wide (approximately 7 foot) backdrop gives users more flexibility with their photo/video subjects as well as ease with transporting their gear. Photographer users have the ability to capture full body model portraits on this midsize background when working in a small home or office space that cannot accommodate a wider photo backdrop. It also is an ideal size for portrait subjects like kids and pets, who are known for needing a little space to move around on set. An additional main benefit of this midsize paper backdrop is its ease at which it will fit into virtually any car!

Other popular seamless paper backdrop sizes from Savage include a 53” wide x 12yd long which is ideal for product photography, headshots and up to three-quarter body shots, as well as a 107” wide x 12yd long (also available in 50yd long) size that is great for large or moving subjects, or small groups. A 26” x 12yd option is sized for small tabletop photography or crafting. A 140” wide x 35yd size is offered in four colors (Black, Super White, Storm Gray and Tech Green) to accommodate large, commercial studios.

“We are pleased to meet the requests of our customer base who have been searching for a midsize seamless paper backdrop size to accommodate small home studios, on-location sets, and their increasingly ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle.”, said COO, Rich Reiser. “Our hopes are that this midsize paper offers utmost convenience and flexibility for our diverse users.”

Savage Seamless Paper remains the most cost-effective solution for providing professional high quality backgrounds for photo and video use. Other popular applications include arts and crafting, visual merchandising and displays, theater production and more. Customers can browse Savage’s full product line via their website, as well as a directory of online and local US dealers, and international distributors.

For more information on Savage’s new 86” x 12yd Seamless Background Paper, contact press@savagepaper.com.



About Savage

From its beginning in 1937 as a manufacturer of quality board and paper products, Savage has provided photographers the essential elements for success. Family-run from the start, Savage has a commitment to quality and innovation that defined the company in the beginning and continues to define it today. Products such as photographic backgrounds continue to be a key focus of Savage’s manufacturing efforts, but there’s much more to the Savage story. The company continues to develop innovative products, especially in the digital arena, to meet the needs of today’s more diverse photography community—professionals and semiprofessionals alike.