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Is your photography business in its annual summer slump? If you’re experiencing your slow season now, utilize this free time to experiment with props in the studio! All you need is a few rolls of vibrant seamless paper backgrounds and some playful props from local craft stores. Let’s look at some simply sweet summer set ups!

To spice up a simple set, try laying two seamless paper colors like how Tulip and Blue Jay are overlapped here. Don’t worry about rolling out two new papers, you can achieve this look with a small leftover paper scrap. Place the scrap at an angle on top of the larger paper to create a funky geometric set.

Take some tropical fruit, drink glasses or a beach hat and try a few different angles! Much like the sun in the middle of a hot summers day, place your undiffused lights on the side of your set to create dramatic shadows.

Maybe the best thing about prop shoots is that you don’t have to pay for a model’s time; there’s no rush! Take this as an excellent opportunity to experiment with different lighting techniques that you can use in future shoots. Be patient with yourself and find that look that is best for you.
Fruit are among the best inanimate models because of their versatility! Slice up the fruit you used previously and arrange them into a fun pattern! The red and yellow of the watermelon and pineapple complement the hues of Teal Seamless Paper perfectly. If you wanted work with different colorful fruits like kiwis or papayas try a seamless paper color like Flamingo.
Crack open that coconut and take some beautiful bright images with Turquoise Seamless Paper. The contrast of the pure white inside of the coconut and the deep blue hues create dazzling photos.

Create a sandy setup with Sand and True Blue Seamless Paper by layering the sheet of Sand over True Blue. Complete this beach setup with a shovel and pail, drinkware and a beach ball! If you want to step up your beach game, bring some REAL sand into your studio!

Do you have any summer shoots planned? Share some of your ideas with us in the comments below!