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How Creative Can You Get with Your Seamless Paper Backgrounds?

Need some inspiration for a creative project with your seamless paper backgrounds? Check out these fabulous fashion sets by stylish editorial and portrait photographer, Elaine Torres! This summer we teamed up with Elaine with the idea to produce some on-brand and eye-catching studio sets with an array of our brightest and most daring backdrop paper options. After presenting her with a few style ideas and color palettes, we let Elaine’s creativity take over and finish the job, resulting in the following!

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Set One

Elaine told us, “The Primary Red and Marmalade colors are two of my favorite colors right now because of their vividness and warmth. I created this set with three colors, converting the seamless rolls into a wall, floor and a smaller piece that simulates a door.” This is an easy way to create a setup if you want to shoot something more creative. “Because of the door concept, I knew I wanted Kathryn ‘walking in’ to tie everything together,” says Elaine. If you’ve captured enough photos with one set but want to keep the same palette, try a different set by cutting out shapes and layering your seamless paper.

Featured backdrops: Primary Red, Marmalade and Ultramarine Seamless Paper

Set Two

“This color palette was chosen by Savage and it’s called SUNSET. I was instantly in love with this color combination. It’s such a vivid and happy mix. Something I like to do when shooting is to match the poses of the models with the shapes of the set designs. I asked Kathryn to lift her leg to match the direction of the Orange background’s bottom line,” Elaine explains. She goes on to say this creates a little balance, and makes the image easily readable if you’re shooting a lot of elements at the same time.

Featured backdrops: Primary Red, Flamingo, Orange, Marmalade Seamless Paper

Set Three

“One of the reasons I love seamless paper is because of it’s versatility and flexibility. I’m always trying to look for new ways to use the paper, not only as backgrounds, but also to create set and props. Savage’s array of roll sizes makes it easier to experiment when creating concepts,” explains Elaine. In this set, the use of smaller 53″ and 26″ rolls were essential to the construction of this multi-seamless wall look, as well as the use of two Port-A-Stands and two Convertible Drop Stands with Boom Arms.

Featured backdrops: Teal, Mint Green, Gulf BlueUltramarine and Sand Seamless Paper

Set Four

Color blocking was the main element Elaine wanted to incorporate in this set. She says, “I have a thing for stacking colors and pieces together in different ways.” Another element Elaine wanted to incorporate was seamless levels, creating a space between the Primary Red and Ultramarine backgrounds. Elaine explains, this allows the model to walk in between the spaces to get the most out of poses and shots.

Featured backdrops: Primary Red, Ultramarine, Marmalade and Coral Seamless Paper

Creative Tips from Elaine

  1. When in doubt, always use black or white clothing pieces for your models if you’re not sure what colors to match to your backgrounds or sets.
  2. Choosing a monochromatic palette is a great and easy way to start shooting color.
  3. Don’t be scare to match the model’s clothes with the color of the background. This is one of my favorite conceptual things to do.

Which set is your favorite? Do you have any creative sets you love and want to share with us? Leave a comment below!

Elaine Torres

Elaine Torres Elaine Torres was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is currently an Editorial and Portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Elaine graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Master’s degree in Art for Commerce Photography, specializing in color and visual composition. Her passion for sharing her knowledge in creative photography led to the launch of her YouTube channel, where she shares studio tutorials and photography related videos. You can also find her tutorials featured on photography channels and blogs like ISO1200, SLR Lounge, and Adorama TV, where she recently got included as one of their hosts.

“I take pride in my Hispanic culture, and I represent it in the way I work with color and light. My goal is always to awaken curiosity in everyone who looks at my work, to spark the interest to ask questions and admire the combination of beauty and oddity.”

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