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Seamless paper is hands-down the most cost-effective solution for creating smooth and even backgrounds for portrait photography, commercial and product photography, videography, and much more. But don’t let it be lonely! With the right tools, you can extend the life of your background paper and get maximum use from each roll. Make sure these 5 backdrop accessories are in your photo studio next time you plan to roll out that new Savage paper!

1. Clamp It Real Good

It just keeps going, and going, and going…” – Don’t let that be your backdrop roll! Spring clamps come in handy to keep your seamless paper from unrolling any more than you want it to, preventing creases and dents in your paper. Have a spring clamp or two ready to go before unrolling your seamless paper.

clamping a seamless paper backdrop to a backdrop stand

2. Shape Up & Tape Up

Gaffer tape is an essential piece of gear for any photographer, but it comes in handy when using paper backgrounds as well. If you plan to sweep your seamless out onto the floor for full-body model portraits, we recommend taping down the end of the paper to the ground to ensure it stays flat and does not roll up. This will maintain a smooth and professional looking set as well as eliminate any tripping hazards for your model. The blended resin and natural rubber compound allows for non-transferring adhesion, to deliver a clean removal with no residue!

Check out our handy Backdrop Accessory Kits, which include 2 mini rolls of black gaffer tape and a small clamp!

3. Better Remember Those Booties

If you want your seamless paper to last, don’t walk on it with dirty shoes! Invest in shoe covers for you and your team so when you’re setting up, you keep your backdrop clean. Once it’s time to start shooting, make sure to clean off your model’s shoes before she/he steps on the paper.

4. Skip the Scissors

Stop! Don’t reach for those scissors to cut your seamless paper! Make sure you have a utility knife handy. Scissors will leave an uneven edge whereas a utility knife or box cutter will give you a straight, clean cut.

5. Follow the Leader Bar

Not planning to sweep your backdrop out onto the floor? If you’re just capturing headshots, check out the Savage Background Leader Bar for a useful tool to keep your backdrop extra-smooth and taut. This is a two-piece aluminum bar that quickly and easily snaps onto the bottom edge of paper, vinyl, or cloth backgrounds. The weight of the leader bar reduces ripples and draping, prevents curling, and keeps your backdrop wrinkle-free and photo ready!

What's another useful accessory you use to keep your Savage seamless paper backdrop in top shape or perfectly primed for a photo shoot?

Tell us in the comments below!