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Add the soft glow of frosted glass to images with Savage’s Translum™ Backdrop. Made from sturdy plastic, this versatile backdrop can be used as a light table, prop setup, or background. Props on the other side of the backdrop are seen as shapes. Easily cut with scissors, Translum™ is also ideal for cutting silhouettes. Now offered in three grades for a range of diffusion options.

Our original, heavy grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where diffusing light over a large area is desired. This grade is an ideal and cleanable surface for shooting tables and table tops.
Our lightweight grade creates medium diffusion for a soft light effect in situations where some contrast is still desired.


Item Thickness F-Stop Light Loss
Heavyweight (54″ x 18′) .0135″ Styrene(.3429mm) 2 -64%
Lightweight (60″ x 18′) .005″ Polyester (.127mm) 3/4 -31%


Features & Specs

Sturdy, durable plastic
Specialized effect of frosted glass
Easily cut with scissors, ideal for cutting silhouettes
Inside core diameter: 2.125"
Available in 54" x 18' and 60" x 18' rolls

2 reviews for Translum™

    April 18, 2021
    I'm using the Translum sheets as diffusion material for my photography. They work wonderfully at removing hot spots as well as providing even lighting. Great product and very fast shipping, too.
    Roger Kiley
    February 8, 2021
    First time purchase from Savage and Translum was purchased to use with a local model for various silhouette shots as well as utilizing it as a pure white background. I am beyond happy with results for both uses. Model has also requested a second shoot with the Translum for additional sessions. Great quality, ease of use and outstanding results!
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Each of our translum products are composed of one of three primary polymers we commonly call plastic; styrene, polypropylene, and polyester. Translum is a very color-stable product in general, however all plastics begin to break down over time, and exposure to certain environmental factors can accelerate it.

• The most common cause of accelerated aging or yellowing in plastics is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light and/or heat, such as with sunlight.
• Many high-output studio lights emit a portion of UV light in addition to light in the visual spectrum. Some lights also run very hot.
• The surface layer of plastics can also be adversely affected by certain cleaning compounds (such as ammonia), chemical fumes, smoke or other very fine airborne particulates.

We recommend storing your Translum in its packaging between use.

Heavyweight: Heat resistant up to 190°F (87°C)

Medium weight: Heat resistant up to 220°F (104°C)

Lightweight: Heat resistant up to 392°F (200°C)

Although you can get creative with limitless ways to use Savage Translum™, some of the standard uses are for high-key setups, tabletop photography, diffusing light, and to create silhouettes and patterns.

Our Translum™ backdrops are core-wound on a thick, cardboard core for easy hanging from a crossbar. Users may also use scissors to easily cut out sheets of the material and clamp the top edge to a support bar when a custom sizes is desired.

Savage Translum™ can be wiped down with a wet cloth and mild soap. It works great for splash photography or messy food setups!

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