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Product Pro LED Light Table

Part Number: LED-PT22-N



The Savage Product Pro LED Light Table is every commercial photographer’s solution to capturing attractive, professional quality product photography without the hassle of compiling an array of complicated lighting and background gear for small subjects. Simply flip a switch and the powerful LED light strips under the table brightly illuminate evenly across the table, creating an instant high-key background. Each rechargeable overhead LED light contains 36 LED chips with a CRI of 91, and are mounted on heavy-duty flexible arms to provide high-quality backlight, highlights and under lighting where desired.

22″ LED light table
(4) Accessory corner mounts
(4) 5600K LED lights with diffused front panels
(4) AC USB Charge cords with AC plug adapters for charging lights
AC Power adapter for charging table
(4) 20″ Flexible arms
(1) Nylon protective sleeve


Features & Specs

Sized to 22" x 22" (56cm x 56cm)
CRI: 91
Provides high key images with minimal or no post-production necessary
Encourages creative experimentation with colored gels, translucent background sweeps and other accessories


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