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Luminous Pro LED Shooting Tent

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Part Number: PC


Two daylight balanced LED light strips run from the front of the box to the rear providing even, bright light and eliminating shadows. The flicker-free LED color corrected (5500k + or – 200k) light source is designed to bring out the true colors of jewelry, collectibles & commercial products. The LED bulbs are low energy & long lasting, eliminating the need for frequent bulb replacement. Dual dimmer feature for the LED panels allows user to produce custom lighting. Kits include 12 colored seamless paper and 4 plastic background sweeps

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Two sizes available: 15.5" x 15.5" and 23.5" x 23.5"
LED panels & reflective interior create perfect lighting for product photography
Multiple access points on front side and top allow for various shooting angles
Dual dimmers now included for LED panels
Great for quick camera phone pictures
Quick disassembly allows for easy transport & storage
Includes 4 plastic background color options (black, white, green, baby blue), a light diffusing panel & carry bag
12 colorful Seamless paper background sweeps now included!


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