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Seamless Paper Storage Clip


Part Number: D-TPC12

Product Description

Hard-working seamless backdrops need a place to call home when not in use. Our Seamless Paper Storage Clip provides an easy-to-use solution that also protects rolls from wear and tear and keeps them organized too. Flexible polyurethane is sturdy and allows for easy insertion and removal. Each set of two holds up to 12 rolls; multiple sets can be mounted side by side for quick color inventory.


Flexible yet durable polyurethane organizes and protects
Two to a set
Multiple sets can be mounted side by side along any suitable wall space
Mounts to wall with durable, long-lasting adhesive strips
Holds up to 107″x12yd rolls
Each set measures¬†approx. 3″ x 6″ x 33″


Holds 12 rolls


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