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Seamless Paper Backdrop Accessory Kit

Part Number: AP-3



Accessorize your new Savage Seamless Paper Backdrop with essential tools for the studio! This Paper Backdrop Accessory Kit includes two mini 2″ wide x 4yd long rolls of black gaffer tape and one 4″ blue spring clamp. Use the gaffer tape to secure the background paper to the floor when swept out to prevent the end from curling up, while using the clamp to secure the backdrop core to its support stand to prevent the paper from unfurling more than desired for your setup.


Gaffer Tape:
Measures 2"" wide x 4yd long
Works on smooth & uneven surfaces
Allows for consistent straight tears
High tensile strength

Measures 4" long
Rubber covers on the clamp tips and handle protect the backdrop material while also providing a comfortable grip for the user


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