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Savage Background Leader Bar

Background Leader Bar (Free Roll of Paper Included!)

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The Savage Background Leader Bar is a two-piece aluminum bar that quickly and easily attaches to the bottom edge of paper, vinyl, and cloth backgrounds. The weight of the leader bar reduces ripples and draping, prevents curling, and helps position the background for a perfect sweep.

All Background Leader Bars include a free roll of #01 Super White Seamless Background Paper. Color substitutions are not available. Leader Bar not sold individually.



Two-piece aluminum bar (4.8' or 8.9' long)
Easy to open & close design
4.8' Size includes a free roll of 53" x 12yd Savage #01 Super White Seamless Paper
8.9' Size includes a free roll of 107" x 12yd Savage #01 Super White Seamless Paper

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Studio Accessories

The Background Leader Bar can be used on seamless paper backdrops but it also works great for vinyl and cloth backdrops!

Our Seamless Paper Storage Clip is an excellent accessory for storing seamless paper, without taking up a ton of space, just adhere it directly to your studio wall! We also offer a Display Stand which is ideal for storing and displaying 53″ seamless papers.