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The “behind the scenes” parts of a photo studio need to stay maintained and organized in order to provide the most efficient setup for any photo shoot! Savage offers special storage racks to keep numerous backdrop rolls organized neatly against a wall, and gaffer tape to assist with tying up all loose ends before shooting.

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  • Savage Universal's Leader Bar

    Background Leader Bar (Free Roll of Paper Included!)

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  • Seamless Paper Storage Clip Image 1

    Seamless Paper Storage Clip

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  • savage seamless paper rack

    53″ Seamless Paper Display Stand

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  • DSLR Stereo Microphone Image 1

    DSLR Stereo Microphone

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  • Lavalier Microphone Image 1

    Lavalier Microphone

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  • Black Gaffer Tape Image 1

    Black Gaffer Tape

    From $35.96
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  • Chroma Green Gaffer Tape Image 1

    Chroma Green Gaffer Tape

    From $35.96
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  • Gray Gaffer Tape Image 1

    Gray Gaffer Tape

    From $35.96
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  • White Gaffer Tape Image 1

    White Gaffer Tape

    From $35.96
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