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Drop Stand™

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The Savage Drop Stand™ is hands-down the easiest and quickest light stand set-up on the market today! The stand’s key benefit is in its auto-extending and collapsing legs which allow for quick and easy repositioning of lighting when moving between groups and in tight spaces. Simply place the stand on the ground to extend its legs and lift the stand up to retract them automatically. No longer worry about bending down to fiddle with leg locks when setting up and taking down your lighting gear. Sizes range from 7′ to 13′ tall with varying load capacity.


Reversible 1/4"-20 / 3/8" stud adapter usable in either the top or side of stand
Air-cushioned to increase security when lowering
Durable aluminum collars
3-Section all aluminum construction
3 Sizes extend to 7ft, 9ft and 13ft high

7' Extending Drop Stand
-Max load: 12 lbs
-Min height: 35" (90cm)
-Folded length: 33" (84cm)

9' Extending Drop Stand
-Max load: 16 lbs.
-Min height: 43" (109cm)
-Folded length: 41" (104cm)

13' Extending Drop Stand
-Max load: 15 lbs.
-Min height: 47" (119cm)
-Folded length: 45" (114cm)


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