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Translucent Umbrella

Part Number: PUR-T

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Our Translucent Shoot-Through Umbrella is what the name implies; instead of reflecting, light travels through this umbrella and can be used for control over light distribution and shadows as either key light or fill light in a variety of lighting situations. It can also be positioned more closely to your subject for portrait work than other umbrellas. Translucent umbrellas are considered one of the best types of lighting modifiers for beginning flash photographers. They are inexpensive and they have a wide enough lighting pattern that they are easier to position and aim than reflective umbrellas. A drawback to most umbrellas is that they are easily breakable, but Savage photography umbrellas are made with fiberglass ribs for extra durability and include protective nylon sleeve for storage. These affordable and easily portable umbrellas are available in three sizes: 36″, 43″ and 72″ inside diameters.


Features & Specs

Sizes (inside diameter): 36", 43" and 72"
Provides key or fill light
Light travels through material instead of reflecting 8mm diameter shaft


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