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RGB Pro Panel

Part Number: RGB-P

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The Savage RGB Pro Panel is a soft light panel that can handle any need for photo or video! Whether you need to select from 360 separate and distinct colors, fine-tune color temperature accuracy or even dramatic special effects, this LED panel can take on the job. Our unique 3 chip LED design allows us to use both CRI 97 amber and white chips (RGB + W + A) so that color accuracy does not degrade as the temperature is adjusted. Control the light using the back panel digital readout, our free Savage Light Manager mobile app (through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) or via DMX. Power the panel with the included AC power cord or via Savage’s Power Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery (sold separately).

Color Correction Mode: Operate in CCT mode for optimum control and the ability to match ambient lighting in any room. Span from 3200K all the way to 9999K, setting the brightness and even making fine green adjustments where necessary. In addition to manual control, presets that simulate various light sources are also available like: tungsten, fluorescent cool light, fluorescent daylight, snow reflection, shadow light and more.
RGB Mode: Select from 360 colors to enhance the creative mood of your photo or video shoot. Increase or reduce saturation of a specific color, as well as brightness. Also adjust the amount of Red, Green and Blue within each selected color.
Special Effects: Browse 35 distinct light patterns available to achieve an array of desired effects for a video project. Special effects include fade, strobe, pulse, flickering fireplace, party lights, police sirens, TV screen and lightning.

12″ x 12″ RGB Light Panel with barn doors
AC Power cord
Soft sided carry bag



Features & Specs

Diffused soft light front panel measures 11.5” x 10” (29cm x 26cm)
Color temperature blendable from 3200K to 9999K
CRI: 97 at 5500K – 3200K
360 selectable colors using RGB mode
Saturation adjustable for selected color (0-100%)
Special effects available like strobe, fade, pulse, police sirens, party lights, TV screen, lightning, fireplace
Controllable with free Savage Light Manager smart phone app
Includes barn doors
AC/DC Power options (V-mount style DC battery not included)
DMX Controllable
120° Beam angle

50 Watt Panel:
1621 Lux at 1 meter at 5500K
648 Lux at 1 meter at 3200K
144 5500K LED chips, 144 3200K LED chips, 144 RGB chips
Power supply: 15V, 5A

100 Watt Panel:
1934 Lux at 1 meter at 5500K
1168 Lux at 1 meter at 3200K
264 5500K LED chips, 264 3200K LED chips, 264 RGB chips
Power supply: 15V, 8A

1 review for RGB Pro Panel

    Vikki Colvin
    October 8, 2019
    As a studio owner I want to make sure to have a wide selection of lighting and backdrops for our clients. Since we've purchased this light it is now our most used light in the studio. We use it in the makeup room as well as with photo shoots ranging from food photography to fashion shoots. It has a wide range and it's easy to use and move through out the studio. Everyone loves this light!
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RGB Pro Panel

Yes. We recommend using daylight 5500K color temperature when illuminating a greenscreen to avoid altering the background color as seen by the camera.

Yes, the barn doors are included.

Yes, this light comes with a nicely padded, well constructed carrying case.

Yes, with the appropriate plug adapter, this power adapter is suited for either 110v or 240v current.

The Savage “Light Manager” mobile app is available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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