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Multiple Polevault Stand Image 1

Photo Credits:
Robert Lopshire

Multiple Polevault Stand


Part Number: 63151

Product Description

Savage’s Multiple Polevault Background Stand holds three rolls of 107” background paper (or one roll of 140” paper) and is an ideal choice for photographers who like to have multiple backdrops on hand that they can easily switch between. This exceptionally strong stand easily expands from 5’3” to 9’7” high and from 60” to 152” wide.

Replacement Parts:
Multiple Polevault Stand Crossbar 1
Multiple Polevault Stand Upright
Multiple Polevault Stand Roll Support Bracket
Multiple Polevault Stand Support Collar

Features & Specs

Strong and durable at 33 lbs.
Matte black finish
Easy to set up—requires no tools
Can also hold lightweight cloth
Includes 1 extra long crossbar (70lb max) and 2 regular crossbars (25lb max each)


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