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12x12 Pro Duty Stand

12 x 12 Background Stand

Part Number: 601212



The Savage 12′ x 12′ Background Stand is a very strong, yet lightweight, stand that can extend to 12′ wide and 12′ tall. A multi-section, snap-together crossbar allows for simple extending and shortening of the width. The upright stands are ultra air-cushioned for secure raising and lowering. This studio support system is great for large muslin and cloth backdrops, up to 107″ paper rolls, or hanging two mid-sized backdrops side by side. At its fully extended height, weight limit is 20 lbs.



Includes convenient carry bag
Crossbar extends to 12' wide
Extends to 12' tall
Reinforced four-section crossbar reduces sag
Crossbar also usable with only two or three sections when 6' or 9' wide applications are preferred
Supports 20 lbs. when fully extended
Supports large muslin or cloth backdrops and up to 107" x 36' seamless paper or 9' x 10' vinyl backdrop rolls
Upright stand footprint is 35"
Folded upright stand is 41" long


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12 x 12 Background Stand

No tools are needed for setup.

If you are hanging these backdrops one at a time, we recommend our 12′ x 12′ Background Stand, which can accommodate larger backgrounds with ease.

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