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Collaborating with Savage Universal for product marketing content is great opportunity to promote your business, build connections and credibility within the industry and to try out exciting new gear! If you’re a photography or videography expert, social media influencer, or artist with an avid creator following, are located in the U.S. and interested in sharing your tips and experience working with Savage products; see below.  You may be eligible to receive Savage products free of charge in exchange for your photo, video and/or written content.  We share collaborator content through our social media channels, blog pages, and through weekly email newsletters.



Blog Articles

700 Words or more on a jointly agreed upon topic, along with three or more images or a short video to support the written content

Exclusive publication to the Savage Universal blog

Includes additional area for your brief (150 words) bio with links to your own website and/or social media channels

Still Images

Five (5) or more high resolution, color photos viable for Savage product marketing use

Submitted to Savage for publication to ours and your own social media channels and/or website, with proper tags and credits


Video Gear Review or Tutorial

Three (3) minute or longer high-quality; properly exposed/lit stabilized video, with clear audio

Well organized content covering a jointly agreed upon Savage product

Describes unique features and intended purpose, as well as the reviewer/instructor’s results, objective opinions and related recommendations

Includes proper backlinks and credits




  • Original photos, video and/or written content created and owned by the collaborator, covered under a prerequisite marketing usage agreement with Savage Universal
  • Previously unpublished, and must be approved by Savage Universal before published
  • Prominently feature one or more Savage Universal products
  • Provided to us in distribution-ready condition (no further editing required)
  • Contain Savage Universal website backlinks and hashtags in post descriptions (social media posts)
  • Contain no watermarks (photos/videos)
  • No feature or highlight of brands/products considered competitive to Savage Universal’s product line
  • Contain or depict no nudity, overtly sexual or crude tones, violence, socially/politically charged subject matter, use of weapons, tobacco, alcohol or other controlled/illegal substances

Collaboration Request Form

 All requests are carefully reviewed to ensure a good fit.  We appreciate your understanding that not all collaboration requests can be approved.

Interested in becoming a Savage model? Learn more here!

Event Sponsorship Form

Workshop instructors… do you enjoy teaching at your nearest camera store, at regional trade shows or to local photo groups?  If your class content covers studio photography and you would like to feature or promote Savage products in your content, we’d love to learn more about the upcoming event!  Please submit an Event Sponsorship Request outlining your proposed content and information about the event, venue, schedule, estimated attendance, and how we might best sponsor your participation.