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This photo album was shot by Jacob Meyer of New Friends Photography & Design and features our White Vinyl Backdrop. Since a couple of the main advantages of our vinyl backdrops are their durability and easy cleaning, we asked Jacob to try out this vinyl background for his dog photography where he shoots tens of animals in one shoot, and let us know what he thought!

Here’s what he said:“Working with dogs on paper definitely has it’s challenges! There are many benefits of using the vinyl backdrops. I have found that hair and dander can be easily swept clean and potty messes from dogs can be cleaned as opposed to having to be cut off. The vinyl surface is durable and does not tear from the nails of the dogs. The surface can also be easily sprayed and disinfected making it a suitable surface in working with younger puppies that otherwise can’t be placed on paper. Generally after a shoot with dogs on paper I end up cutting off anywhere from 4-6 feet of paper whereas with the vinyl I can just spray, wipe down and sweep to have it be ready for the next shoot without any waste!” 

I have been studying and practicing photography since I was in High School. About three years ago my focus for photography drastically changed when my girlfriend found a 4 month old Bernese/Shepherd puppy that someone had abandoned by a dumpster in a neighboring city. Now Sofie has become one of the biggest influences in my creative work on a day to day basis. What started with taking pictures of her spiraled into a love for pet photography and quickly hurled me into the world of animal rescue. Now I work full time in animal care at a local shelter and volunteer my photography/video services to local pet rescues in the area. I see first hand how professional portraits of animals can give them such a greater chance at finding a loving home and to me that is what it is all about.

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