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All Photos Courtesy of Cutting Edge Photography

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you keep working with the same background and getting the same results? Why not diversify your Savage seamless background options for more inspiration! These darlings come in four sizes, ranging from 26” to 140” wide in select colors. Thus, even the smallest studio can accommodate a number of background papers.

I run a full-time home based studio, with my camera room in a converted bedroom, so you can imagine that space is limited for me. But having a variety of Savage seamless backgrounds allows me to be very flexible with movement and color!

No matter what my models come in wearing, I can delight them with a background that brings out their fashion style. A recent studio session with my daughter, Lara, gave us the opportunity to run through five different backgrounds.  I told her to put together some spectacular outfits that would be found in a fashion magazine and, WOW, did she rise to the occasion!

Savage Crimson Seamless Paper

Her first outfit and makeup job had a variety of colors to try and coordinate. This gave me a challenge, but I was able to pull three different seamless papers and work a number of poses on this outfit.  The colors we used were True Blue, Crimson and Studio Blue. Without a variety of papers to choose from, we would have been stuck either using a color that didn’t match or limited to only one color. Needless to say, three seamless paper colors gave us a wide series of images from one outfit.

Savage Studio Blue Seamless Paper

Her next outfit was a purple number that is very hard to match. However, using Savage’s Orchid seamless paper, and adjusting the background light, we were able to create a perfect complimenting purple. This color is striking to the eye and can be brightened or darkened depending on where you direct the light on it.

Model on Savage Orchid Seamless Paper

savage orchid seamless paper

Finally, she went the more traditional and elegant route by donning a cute navy and white striped dress, along with matching handbag and plush coat. This was an easy choice for one of my “go to” Savage seamless papers – Ultramarine. This rich blue can dive to the deepest navy tones or into a nice medium blue tone, again by varying background light intensity.  This background is an easy choice as a complimentary or contrasting color. It works for so many colors and styles, which is why it always sits ready to pull.

savage ultramarine seamless paper

Savage Ultramarine Seamless Paper

So, if you want to expand your session portfolio and what your studio can offer your subjects, add a wider variety of Savage seamless paper backgrounds to your arsenal. You, and your models, will love the results!

David Hakamaki

David Hakamaki is the owner of Cutting Edge Photography in Michigan. David has become known as the "Home Based Photography Guru" and operates a full-time home-based studio in a small, rural community. David has gained national recognition for his work with HS Seniors, Families, Children and Wedding couples. David serves on Simply Color Lab’s “Senior Dream Team”, and is a member of Kubota Image Tools’ “Champions”. He is sponsored by Simply Color Lab, Kubota Imaging Tools, Triple Scoop Music, Animoto, Fundy Software & LumiQuest. David is a regular Speaker at local, state & national conferences, provides training webinars, acts as a Photography Mentor, serves as a beta tester on industry products and has been featured in PPA Today.
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