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With many of us working from home, you may be facing the dilemma of maintaining a professional workspace for video conferencing, training tutorials or branded videos, while at your kitchen table.

If you’re new to video conferencing, here are some basic tips for hosting a smooth and successful meeting. 

How to Ensure a Successful Video Conference

  1. Find even lighting. Eliminate strong window light or bright overhead light.
  2. Use a natural, flattering camera angle. Too high or too low is uncomfortable for the viewer. Make sure you are looking directly into the camera.
  3. Eliminate distracting backgrounds. Use a quality backdrop, not a wrinkled bed sheet.
  4. Set your cell phone to Do Not Disturb mode.
  5. Have nice personal attire/grooming. This is still a business meeting.
  6. Ensure you have clean audio. Use a microphone and test for volume and feedback.
  7. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  8. Choose a reliable streaming app/interface.
  9. Do a test-run with a couple of colleagues in advance to work out any bugs.
  10. Share supporting documents (spreadsheets, images, PDFs, etc.) with attendees in advance.
  11. Join your meeting early and start the meeting on time.
  12. Ask participants to mute their microphone when not speaking.
  13. Engage viewers with open-ended questions, demonstrations or giveaways – don’t be just a talking head.
  14. When doing a demonstration, have all items within arms reach. Avoid having to move out of frame of the camera during the call.
  15. Remember that you are visible online at all times during the call. For example, do not fiddle or use motions that may be distracting to others while someone else is talking.

4 Easy Work from Home Background & Lighting Setups

Maintain a professional, modern set for video conferencing, training or tutorial videos when working from home with an affordable background and one or two light setup. See some of our recommendations below.

1. Create a professional background in any household with a pop open backdrop that’s wrinkle-resistant. Choose from two distinct colors or patterns on the front and backside. A bi-color ringlight makes it easy to match any ambient lighting while providing very smooth, even lighting on your face and workspace.

2. Find your most flattering background color with our lightweight, wrinkle-resistant poylester fabric backdrops to accentuate your brand within your training videos or live streaming. A portable two-light softbox kit provides daylight-balanced, diffused lighting across your office or temporary workspace.

3. Transport your bedroom office to anywhere in the world with a green screen backdrop and green screen compatible video software. Convenient tabletop LED video lights secure to the edge of your desk, saving you valuable desk space.

4. If you need to infuse vibrant colors into branded training videos, select from 65 rich seamless paper backgrounds to do just that. This smooth backdrop paper is a cost-effective way to turn a messy room into a clean studio look.

What's your go-to gear for video conferencing?

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