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Why is Backdrop Storage Important?

Just like any gear we use in photography, backdrops are an investment and therefore should be cared for to maximize a lifetime of usefulness. Careful backdrop storage will minimize wear and tear while also making it easy to access and use the backgrounds when needed. Without good storage techniques, you can plan on spending money more often on replacement backdrops when damage or premature wear occurs.

Oftentimes photography backdrops are large and somewhat cumbersome, so keeping them safely stored takes some ingenuity. Equipment storage in a photo studio is an ever-present issue, even in large work spaces, so let’s take a look at some different types of backdrops and their storage solutions.

Different Backdrops and How To Store Them

Seamless Paper

Seamless paper is perhaps the most popular choice for backdrops and has been for decades. It’s the most cost-effective means of customizing a smooth, even backdrop for a variety of applications including product photography, portraiture, or commercial photography. Although seamless paper cannot be cleaned, it compensates by being easily disposable and replaceable simply by unrolling more paper when it gets dirty or damaged. These come in rolls of varying lengths and range from 26” to 107” wide. 

Savage offers a couple options for proper backdrop storage for paper that keep seamless rolls conveniently out of the way yet accessible when needed.The Seamless Paper Storage Clip is a flexible polyurethane system that secures to a wall easily with an adhesive backing. It’s quick to insert and remove a roll with the storage clip, and it also displays the paper for quick identification by color.

The new Seamless Paper Pro Storage Rack is an upgraded wall unit that secures to a wall with included hardware. Its minimalist design is ideal for studios where presentation is key, even in storage areas. Aluminum arms pull out and lock back with a strong magnetic latch to secure each backdrop roll in place against your wall. 


Vinyl backdrops have long been popular with studio photographers due to their ease of cleaning and their wrinkle-free, glare-free texture. Savage Universal’s Infinity Vinyl series is a preferred brand for use with high-key lighting, making it a popular choice for commercial photography and portraiture. Because large sizes of vinyl are heavy, we recommend not leaving them up on the stand for long periods of time between photo shoots as the weight of the roll will warp the core and can cause a ripple effect across the material when rolled out. If the backdrop must be left hanging due to limited storage spaces, we recommend inserting our heavy-duty Aluminum Core into the vinyl roll for extra support. This will help eliminate any sagging. Vinyl should not be folded because it will crease.

savage aluminum core for vinyl backdrops

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Floor Drops

Savage also offers Floor Drops that replicate many types of floors including such finishes as a basketball court, a hardwood floor, or a red brick wall. Floor Drops can also work as backdrops simply by propping them upright, offering a large number of possible combinations. They’re made of rubber and have a polyester finish on the patterned side, making them durable and easily cleaned. These roll up for easy storage. floor drops


Canvas backdrops offer a classic look and feel that continues to be in demand. Savage Canvas Backgrounds are a great,durable, long-term option for any studio. Heavy cotton canvas material provides a non-reflective, opaque backdrop for high-quality portraits. A strong aluminum core included with each roll keeps the photo backdrop even when hung up, as well as smooth and wrinkle-free when stored away. In between use, your canvas backdrop should be rolled up and secured with the included Velcro straps to keep the surface clean.


Muslin backdrops are very popular due to their light weight and relatively inexpensive price. Savage Muslin Backdrops are a go-to choice for professional and amateur photographers alike because they’re durable, washable, and available in a wide range of styles. You can get a simple solid color or go for one of the hand-painted styles for a specific look. Muslin backdrops are made from 100% cotton, so they’re non-reflective and easy to arrange too. They work very well with product shoots, group portraits, video productions, and in many other applications. Because muslin backdrops are made of cotton they can be easily scrunched up or folded for storage. Wrinkles can be eliminated with steaming, ironing, or putting in the dryer on a low setting, making muslin useful and easy to work with.

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savage muslin background

Collapsible Backdrops

Collapsible backdrops are easy to transport and store anywhere. Savage Collapsible Backgrounds are 60″ x 72” when open and fold down to one-third that size for portability. They spring open and quickly attach to a stand either horizontally or vertically. Included with each collapsible backdrop is a convenient zippered carry bag with handle, which should also be used to store your backdrop to keep it clean.

collapsible backdrop bag

Whichever backdrop you choose, be sure to have a proper storage system to ensure you get the most value from your investment. With a little care and planning you’ll be happier in the long run.  

Elias Butler

Elias Butler is a professional photographer and writer based in Arizona. He's written a book titled "Grand Obsession" and has been published in Sierra, USA Today, and Arizona Highways among many others. See Butler's website here.


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