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Go anywhere with the Savage MultiFlex

The classic photographic dilemma: you need to shift your light around but you’re already backed up into a corner, or a piece of furniture is in your way. What do you do? Maneuver some intricate position that results in your crew and models look at you like you’re crazy? Photographers, struggle no more! Behold, the Savage MultiFlex Light Stand. This stand has no fear, taking on uneven terrain, stairs, corners and other obstacles like furniture.

The Savage MultiFlex Light Stand brings ultimate versatility to every location photographer’s gear set! It provides multiple flexible solutions to users working within environmental constraints with their equipment and set location. The light stand’s key feature is an individually adjustable third leg, which allows the stand to be positioned anywhere.

The four main configurations of the Multiflex Light Stand are:

In Corners

Under Furniture

On Stairs

On Uneven Terrain 

See it in action and setup in different locations in the video below.

The Specs…

  • The stand’s third leg can be individually adjusted from the base to allow setup on uneven surfaces, terrains or tight spaces.
  • The first and second legs are linked together for combined spread adjustment.
  • A bubble level feature ensures even positioning and a stable support.
  • All three of the legs include telescoping sections and flip locks for further individual adjustments.
  • Rubber footing on the legs increase grip on ground surface and the large footprint makes this unique light stand wind-resistant.
  • Stand sections are air-cushioned for safe lowering of your gear.

Nothing gets in the way with the Savage MultiFlex Light Stand.

Whether you need to set up your lights in the corner of a small office, the middle of a city street staircase, on a grassy hill or up against the side of a bus, it’ll go wherever you need it to get the perfect shot.