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Pet photographer Stephanie Conrad recently shot these darling Valentine’s Day dog portraits on our Blue Jean and Coral Seamless Paper. Stephanie told us that as soon as she received the Blue Jean, she had to test it out:

“I got so excited, I had to open it up and snap a few photos of my own rescue pup, Panda Bear. She was formerly a breeding dog that had zero social skills when we adopted her last year. We are starting her training now to get her CGC and if all goes well, potentially enroll her into training to become a therapy dog. Her former owners decided that they could no longer sell her puppies so they decided to get rid of her little family (her 5 puppies and another adult Dalmatian). Luckily, before anything bad happened to her, a rescue heard about her and offered to take them into their program rather than seeing them end up in a shelter or on the streets in Houston. She has been a dream addition to our family and we absolutely adore her! I also pulled out my Savage Coral Paper for Valentine’s Day.”

Check out the adorable portraits she captured: