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Collapsible backdrops are an essential piece of gear to any photographer. They come in handy when your studio is too small to support larger backdrops and support systems, or on location when your natural backdrop is not fitting. These backdrops are meant as a quick and convenient solution to bulky gear as they fold down to 1/3 of their original size. If you have a new Collapsible Backdrop Kit and are unsure of proper setup and take down, follow these simple directions.

Attaching a Collapsible Backdrop to its Stand

Stands made for collapsible backdrops are equipped with a tight clip on the top for securing the backdrop in place.

1. Use one hand to pull out the clip, and place the backdrop in between the clip with your other hand. 

2. Next, reach downward and wrap the Velcro straps attached at the bottom of the backdrop around the stand to secure the backdrop tightly.

Folding Your Collapsible Backdrop

Once you are finished using your backdrop, you’ll want to fold it down and store it easily. Folding your collapsible backdrop only takes a moment, but it can be tricky on your first try! Follow these simple instructions for a perfect fold every time:

1. Begin by holding the backdrop in front of you with a hand on each side.

2. Slowly move your hands together, creating a “V” shape.

3. While holding the backdrop, cross your hands so both sides touch.

4. While holding the backdrop still, allow the bottom to come in towards you.

5. Keeping your hands on the backdrop, follow the collapsing action downward.

6. Pick up the backdrop and carry it away or store inside its carry bag!


– Savage Universal Photography Team 

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