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Whether for recreational or professional purposes, quality lighting is vital for live streaming or vlogging.

Photo and video content creators widely consider ring lights as “go-to” solutions for great reasons:

  • Ring lights provide a relatively large light source for a single subject. This helps to create softer, more flattering light across the subject’s face.
  • When positioned straight on, the wide surface area (without a center hotspot) virtually eliminates wrinkles, fine lines and under-eye shadows.
  • Bi-color capable lights allow users to dial in to a color temperature to best complement their complexion or coordinate with warm ambient room lighting.
  • LED lights are ultra long-lasting, run much cooler than conventional steady lights, and require little to no maintenance.

Savage offers an array of LED ring lights and accessories suited for beginners through advanced users. Compare specs below to find the best one for your needs!

Best Vlogger Ring Lights

Ring lights are a perfect key light source for vlogging and livestreaming. Easy mounting of a phone or small action camera in the middle of the light enables a compact streaming setup even from a work desktop.

Some considerations for optimal vlogging lights include:

  1. compact footprint
  2. fast setup/breakdown
  3. affordable
  4. long-lasting
  5. streaming accessories included

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Best Studio Ring Lights

LED ring lights are also a useful style of light for the professional photo studio. One can be used as a key light for headshots, product and macro shots, or a halo light when placed above the model.

Some considerations for optimal studio photography lights include:

  1. durable housing
  2. large diameter
  3. wide color temperature range
  4. remote control option
  5. battery power option

What was the first piece of gear you purchased for your vlogging channel?

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