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Here at Savage Universal, we’re often asked “What colors should I choose?” With 55 vibrant colors in five different sizes, deciding where to begin with seamless background paper might be a challenge. We’re here to offer a few suggestions!

Why some colors seem to go along so nicely with others seems to be deeply rooted in nature and the world around us. Principles of color theory help us to understand the relationship between colors when grouped together: similar colors can create a calming harmony, while contrasting colors draw in our attention. Even regional culture and popular trends can further influence the impressions that color can make on the viewer.

If you’re just starting to build out your studio, we recommend having three or more background colors on hand to offer clients a variety of backgrounds to complement their look. Whether creating vibrant fashion looks, sweet serene baby portraits, or powerful corporate headshots, your subject’s background plays an important part in the impact of your final image.

  • Who are your subjects?
  • What energy do you want to convey?
  • Will you light your background directly, or will it be lit by ambient light?
  • How and where will your images be displayed?

These are some of the questions you might want to consider when choosing your next photography backdrop. Check out some of our favorite color combinations to help get your creative gears turning!

Studio Starters

True neutral backdrops are great for photographing very busy or colorful subjects. White, gray, and black seamless are studio staples that never go out of style and are great “first” backgrounds to start with. Certain post-production techniques, especially when shooting video, might also influence your background choice, like green screen projects.






Tech Trio



Power Headshots






Ultra Regal

Color Pop

Bright, vibrant colors convey energy, positivity, and youthfulness. Capturing a birthday cake smash or an album cover? A burst of color really sets the mood!






Oh Baby!









Berry Sweet






Here Comes the Sun


Beauty & Grace

Soft, neutral hues add depth to your image without drawing attention away from your subject’s features. These shades are ideal for fashion and beauty campaigns.







Vanilla Skies


Organic Charm

Warm, rustic fall colors set the mood for family portraits in cozy sweaters in crisp weather. Cool pastel greens, blues, and sandy tones make great beachy backdrops for summertime themes.




Li’l Bit Country






Extra Earthy






Stormy Weather


In the Moment

Whether it’s Christmas or the 4th of July, infuse your images with colors of the season!




‘Tis the Season




Festival of Lights








United We Stand


Don’t forget about our many printed background paper backdrops, perfect backgrounds for special occasions!

What’s your go-to background color this season?

Tell us about YOUR current favorite combinations!