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Last month on our Facebook page, we asked YOU to vote for your favorite Savage seamless paper color! While Super White, Black and Thunder Gray are common favorites, our fans submitted many other colors that have proven themselves versatile and beautiful as well!

1. Super White Seamless Paper

“It gives a clean fresh separation for head shots, portraits and fashion shooting.” -Bob House

“Its versatility is limitless!” -Rodney Margison

“It’s perfect for compositing and easily made grey or black.” -Kane Giblin

super-white-lopshire-photographyPhoto Courtesy of Lopshire Photography

2. Black Seamless Paper

“Black’s versatility is amazing; it can be black or vary from different shades of grey. Using black seamless paper is great for professional head shots as well as general portraiture. Black seamless paper lasts longer than any other color because it does not show up as much dirt particles as other colors making it easier in post production and great for the budget. Once you go black Savage seamless you won’t go back.” -Dominique McCraney

“A black back drop allows for so many creative possibilities from enhancing a mood to creating a classic Hollywood portrait. Black allows you to create scenes such as mysterious, serious, to professional. What a person is wearing rarely contrasts.” -Adrian Munoz

“It is a classic that never fails in a variety of portraits, product shots, etc.” -Heather Marie

black-seamless-paper-ryan-walsh-photographyPhoto Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

3. Thunder Gray Seamless Paper

“My go-to color when I want a mid-tone neutral backdrop. With studio lighting I can adjust the tone from light gray to charcoal without changing backdrops – create rich vignettes too!  Blends easily with textures, tones, and other post-production.” -Matthew Dickstein

“It’s so versatile. I can use it for children, families, or head shots, and it always photographs beautifully!” -Carri McMahan Crum

“I photograph a lot of dogs and it seems to coordinate perfectly with just about any color coat.” -Kim Beauchemin Shimer

thunder-gray-seamless-paper-matthew-dicksteinPhoto Courtesy of Duke Photo 

4. White Seamless Paper

“Brings out everyone’s natural beauty no matter what they have on.” -Anthony Hill

“From the right distance between subject it makes the perfect gray that makes any extraction a cinch!” -Laura Reagan

“You can do sooooo much with it! You can use gels on your lamps to cast different colors on it, which really does not look as good on any other colored paper, and you can also shoot any color on it!” -Angie Rayburn-Pigat


Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

5. Bone Seamless Paper

“It looks so wonderful for people of all ages! Very flattering on skin tones and very classic and clean.” -Lisa Davis-Engfer

“Warm and neutral, works beautifully for all occasions and can easily be decorated to give it a unique look!” -Charlyne Lees

bone-seamless-paper-kb-photographyPhoto Courtesy of KB Photography

6. Mocha Seamless Paper

“It is such a rich color to use for newborn family portraits!  It flatters all skin tones and is warm and inviting.” -Stacy Golden

“I love the color for southwest themes. I use it exclusively for my product photography. Shadows on this paper  have a dark brown quality that reminds me of the long shadows during the sunset in the desert!” -Isaac Chambers

“It’s just so beautiful against the skin and it works for all of my clients.. young and old.. girls/boys. It’s my GO TO color!” -Jennifer Andersen

mocha seamless paper angelic angles photographyPhoto Courtesy of Angelic Angles Photography

7. Fashion Gray Seamless Paper

“Always a great choice – it works amazingly in just about any situation! Halfway between the two more standard colors of white and black – used correctly, it makes your subject pop!” -Jake Israel

fashion-gray-seamless-paper-ryan-walshPhoto Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

8. Crimson Seamless Paper

“Rich tone for high key or deep dark shadows.” -Alexander Bitar

“Dark red. Admit it, plain white is getting boring. Red is hot, classy and can be very pretty with just a touch of light. Fits perfectly with skin color. The warm color also makes clients more at ease comparing to sterile and plain white.” -Stijn Swinnen

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

9. Blue Jay Seamless Paper

“Blue Jay is such a powerful electric blue that works well for commercial projects where you just need to have a strong pop in color!” -Jim Hesterman

10. Coral Seamless Paper

“It looks so great for cake smashes! People always love how vibrant the color is, but it’s not too overpowering that it causes crazy color casts on clothing or skin tones!” -Lisa Davis-Engfer


-Savage Universal Team 

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