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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for photographers… holiday portrait season! Now is a great time to review your studio background and prop inventory, and consider trying out a new color or even pattern to spice up your portrait sets! If you’re looking for a new, beautiful seamless background, check out ten of our favorite seamless paper backdrop choices for fantastic winter fashion looks!

1. Olive Green Seamless Paper

Olive Green is a deep, rich color for fall and winter season portraits. It adds enough color without being too bright or vibrant, which can sometimes take the focus off the subject. This color complements beautifully with any skin tone!

Olive Green Seamless PaperPhoto by Caleb & Gladys

2. Mocha Seamless Paper

Mocha’s warm, inviting brown tones will make your subjects look extra cozy in their winter studio session.

Mocha Seamless PaperPhoto by Caleb & Gladys

3. Gray Sky Seamless Paper

The cool tones of Gray Sky will make your model feel as though a snow storm is brewing in the studio!

Photo by Ryan Walsh

4. Ivory Seamless Paper

Ivory will bring a cool and crisp feel to your wintertime shoot without letting the snow into your studio!

Photo by Ryan Walsh

5. Egg Nog Seamless Paper

Just like Ivory, Egg Nog will bring a cooler atmosphere to your shoot – make sure your subject is bundled up!

Photo by Ryan Walsh

6. Dove Gray Seamless Paper

The light gray tones in Dove Gray Seamless Paper make it perfect for any portrait you will shoot this season!

Photo by Ryan Walsh

7. Chestnut Seamless Paper

Like Mocha, Chestnut will create a cozy warm atmosphere to your studio that works great through both fall and winter months.

Photo by Ryan Walsh

8. Charcoal Seamless Paper

This ultra-dark gray always brings elegance and sophistication to portraiture, and pairs well for any style of shooting from headshots to pets to fashion.

Photo by Ryan Walsh

9. Blue Jay Seamless Paper

Be bright and bold this winter with Blue Jay. This cheerful and vibrant blue is icy and will be a fan favorite with anyone who comes through your studio.

Photo by Ryan Walsh

10. Black Seamless Paper

A black background is an essential color for any studio any time of year, but especially in the cooler months when there will be heavier traffic through your studio. Create moody portraits on this staple color.

Photo by Ryan Walsh

Are you trying out a new winter backdrop this season? Let us know which one in the comments below!