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Creating stand-out store window displays can be a daunting task for small retail owners. However, if used effectively, this key space can enhance the image and personality of your business, bring in new customers, promote hot products, and can be a major tool in boosting sales. Did you know that 50% of all purchase decisions are made on impulse? Therefore your window display is an enormous opportunity to influence buying decisions while people are out shopping!

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window displays

Your Window Is Your Brand

Local business owners agree that your window IS your brand. This means that your store front is the first element shoppers take in when walking by; make sure it reflects your personality and individuality to separate you from the surrounding competition. Window displays also offer quick recognition of your brand to loyal shoppers passing by. Every detail counts, from the featured merchandise and props, to the backgrounds and overall composition.

View Your Window Space as a Long Term Advertising Solution, Not for a Short Sales Burst

Your window display is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal to stand out from the competition! Due to high leases, smaller retailers are relegated to the sideline more and more, so it’s important to use any tool available as advertising. Working in conjunction with your other marketing efforts, a window display connected to your seasonal ads and current in-store design will enhance the strength and recall of the specific brand campaign to consumers. Therefore, your window displays should be viewed as a long-term advertising solution, and not just a short sales burst opportunity.

window displays

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

Your window displays are like free billboards for your store. They can turn heads and engage potential customers or not. This is the time and place to be bold! Today’s shopper is always multitasking with a short attention span that is being pulled in several different directions. So, using vibrant colors (have you checked out our new Flamingo Seamless Paper?), will grab their attention.  As consumers, we make quick decisions about a store’s relevance to our lifestyle and needs from the window display. Don’t be afraid to show your unique style and popular products here to increase foot traffic.

window displays

Use Backgrounds to Narrow Focus on Key Items

The best retailers spend time on their store windows because it is the one place they can entice a busy, time-crunched consumer to consider their premium goods before even entering the store.

Using backgrounds helps create focal points. Savage Seamless Paper Backgrounds are an ideal and inexpensive prop to bring a display to life with vibrant colors and patterns. Hang a solid color paper background behind a featured item to block out a distracting store background and re-focus all the attention to the product on display.

If your store logo and print ads are utilizing the same pastel color scheme or chevron print for your spring campaign, you might want to consider a paper background in your window display with the same look. Perhaps your window display needs to tie into an upcoming holiday? Cut out and layer several colored paper sheets to match any holiday theme! Savage Love Burst Printed Paper is perfect for Valentine’s Day, while Vintage Floral welcomes in spring and summertime nicely. Your window display also has the opportunity to tell a story. For example, our Grunge Brick Printed Paper can help you create a city street style if it fits with your urban new clothing line. Since a key component of window displays is continual change, utilizing a diverse range of paper backgrounds is one of the simplest and most economical ways to go.

Have experience with retail window design and decorations? We’d love to hear more ideas on how to use our paper backgrounds to increase sales and visibility!