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Retail Windows & Visual Displays

While Savage Universal is most commonly recognized for its popular line of Widetone Seamless Background Paper in the photography and video industries, this studio staple was originally marketed as a window display décor in the 1940s and is still popularly used as such today. The background is an important layer to consider when constructing new displays. Utilizing a professional, sleek backdrop behind a window scene can help to separate the display from the rest of the store, enticing consumers to enter inside to discover what lies behind the backdrop. With only seconds to attract passersby into a store, vibrant colors and bold patterns can help intrigue and engage potential customers. Color psychology is an important factor display coordinators use to affect consumers’ perception of brand personality. With over 65 color options and unlimited custom print designs available, paper backgrounds allow for quick and consistent updating of displays at a low cost. With endless creative designs, Savage Universal backgrounds are the ultimate accessories to tailor window displays to seasonal holidays, marketing campaigns and special themes, highlight a product on display and create visual appeal.
5 Benefits of Working with Background Paper for Vibrant Window Displays

5 Benefits of Working with Background Paper for Vibrant Window Displays

The background is an important layer when designing retail window displays. When the intention of a display is to highlight a featured store item, a solid background swept out behind the product will help eliminate distractions and narrow the focus of a passerby’s gaze to the message and theme of the display. While background options are plenty, seamless background paper has proven to be an ideal material & style for many retail brands and design teams. 

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