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James Lout

When I was a teen, I was looking through a drawing section of my local library and happened across a misplaced book, it was a book on black and white photography by Ansel Adams. From that point on I was infatuated by photography. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pursue it until I joined the Marines and bought my first SLR camera in Hong Kong in 1998, a Canon 888. I think I photographed anything and everything I could and, of course, a lot of black and white. Fast forward to 2011 and I decided to take this hobby of mine to something more so I upgraded to digital and started studying the technical side of photography. I took my first photograph of freezing liquids with flash with that new camera, a Canon 60D, and was hooked and still today liquids is one of my favorite things to shoot when not photographing portraiture. Check out my website here.    
How to Photograph Splashing Liquids

How to Photograph Splashing Liquids

One of my favorite things to photograph is liquids splashing. There’s something about capturing something that moves too fast for the eye that really intrigues me. If this type of photography intrigues you too, then you’re in the right place.

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