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The background is an important layer when designing retail window displays. When the intention of a display is to highlight a featured store item, a solid background swept out behind the product will help eliminate distractions and narrow the focus of a passerby’s gaze to the message and theme of the display.

While background options are plenty, seamless background paper has proven to be an ideal material & style for many retail brands and design teams. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Inexpensive Solution to Update Often

Paper rolls are an inexpensive background option for accenting displays for teams looking to change out and update their windows often. This gives designers freedom to create new sets and provide a significant change in the window look (just by trading out colors!) more often while still staying within budget.

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pink window display

2. Diverse Range of Colors & Patterns

Savage offers 65 vibrant colors in our Widetone Seamless Background Paper line, and 24 standard designs in our Printed Background Paper line. With so many color and pattern options to brainstorm visual campaigns around, it’s hard not to want them all! Color psychology is an important factor for display coordinators to consider when building new storefront layouts as an significant influence affecting consumers’ perception of brand personality. Choosing the right color or design matters, so having a wide inventory to select from does too.

printed background paper for window displays

3. Precisely Match Any Marketing Campaign or Holiday

With so many style options at a low-cost, paper backgrounds are ideal for incorporating into every season, holiday, special marketing campaign or monthly theme. Our range of bright red and pastel pink seamless paper colors, or our Love Burst Printed Paper, are perfect for Valentine’s Day. There’s sure to be a match within our 16 hues of greens and blues (or Party Banners Printed Paper) for a lush summertime vibe. Or if you’ve already got your mind on the next Christmas season, consider our handfuls of neutral cool colors (or Winter Frost Printed Paper) for a classic, winter wonderland scene.

printed background paper for window displays

4. Get Creative with DIY Projects

Another great benefit of wide format paper background rolls is that they are perfect for getting crafty with! Easy to cut out, crinkle, fold or paint on, popular DIY projects we’ve seen involve writing romantic script across for an old-world style, creating whimsical scenes with multiple colors by cutting out shapes like clouds, flowers, etc. and adhering them to a Sky Blue background, or tearing strips and crinkling them up for a grunge look. Try a bold color block layout with two complementary colors like Purple and Deep Yellow Seamless Paper.

5. Lightweight, Sets Up in Minutes

Savage paper backgrounds are rolled around thick cardboard cores for user convenience and easy hanging. Use a background stand, ceiling hooks or another type of wall mount to support the roll securely. If you are working in a small space with no access to a permanent support system for the roll, consider measuring out the length desired and cutting a sheet off the roll. This will allow for a lighter-weight piece that can be taped up if needed. When the campaign has ended and it’s time to disassemble the display, simply roll the paper back up on the roll, place a couple pieces of thin tape on the ends and lift off your support system. We recommend storing the rolls vertically to save space and keep clean.