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Whether you’re thinking about diving into vlogging, or have been at it for a while now, it might be time to review your Youtube setup to ensure you present a professional and engaging aesthetic that is on target with your “brand”! One important aspect of a set that is often overlooked is the video backdrop. Let’s explore some options for backdrops for YouTube that are both affordable and professional.

Why Is a Professional Video Backdrop for YouTube So Important?

While your YouTube subscribers follow your channel to see YOU… you are not the only element on camera. Components like your props, wardrobe and backdrop all help to create the overall style you’re presenting. Be intentional when selecting each of these items when prepping for a new video. Make a point to ask yourself, “What does my backdrop say about me or my YouTube persona?” before selecting your choice.

vlogger filming on brown backdrop for youtube

Easy to Use Video Backdrop Options

There are various inexpensive options for video backdrops like seamless paper, wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric or pop-up collapsible backgrounds.

female posing on pink backdrop

Model in front of Savage Grunge Brick/Purple Collapsible Backdrop

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How to Set Up & Use a Seamless Paper Backdrop

Achieving the look of a professional setup for home videos does not require an expensive and expansive gear list. Consider a roll of cost-effective Savage Seamless Paper to create your perfect setup!

Seamless paper comes on a cardboard core, allowing for easy installation on a backdrop stand. If you have the space for a stand, we recommend purchasing this dynamic duo together.

Don’t have room for a backdrop stand in your bedroom? Have no fear, there are multiple ways to use seamless background paper without a stand. Cut off just enough paper to fill the video frame and tape it to your wall, or stand your paper up vertically and roll the paper out horizontally.

hanging a seamless paper backdrop on the wall

Or you can lay your seamless paper roll on the ground, and pull the paper up high onto the wall and tape at the top! Once you’re finished filming, you can re-roll the paper, store it away and reuse it next time!

hanging a seamless paper backdrop on the wall

While 107″ wide (9 ft) rolls are ideal for full body shots, our 53″ wide (4.5 ft) seamless paper is the perfect size for headshots and video tutorials, and takes up little to no space in your closet.

Enhance Your YouTube Channel Branding with Colored Backdrops

Use color to create a strategy for your channel – bright and wacky colors vs. dark hues vs. pastels and natural tones convey very different appeals. Assess things like your personality, your YouTube channel focus and topics, as well as who your intended audience is and what they are most receptive to, and choose a color/pattern that will help make your persona memorable.

With thousands of people watching you from all over the world, you want to make sure you look good in your videos. Choose a color that complements your skin tones:

female vlogger smiling on teal backdrop for youtube

Colors are the first thing people will notice in your videos, make sure the color you choose portrays the mood of that video. If your video of the week is a happy and exciting Story Time, try a bright and fun backdrop color like Baby Blue, Tangelo or Flamingo! You can even choose only 2-3 different colors/patterns in consistently in your videos that will help give your channel variety, but also solidify a cohesive style.

Bright Colors: A YouTube lifestyle vlogger who is known for his vibrant, wacky and loud personality might choose a bright colored backdrop to reinforce his energy.

male vlogger on green seamless backdrop for youtube

Neutral Colors: A beauty vlogger known for her natural and subtle makeup style may choose a solid colored background in a neutral color tone to complement her video themes.

Vlogger in front of savage bone seamless paper

Makeup and beauty vloggers especially require a Youtube background to complement their art but not distract from it. Gray backdrops are a perfect option to add an extra pop to your video without distracting viewers. Green, brown and neutral colors create a natural and organic feel.

Portrait of a beautiful Asian or Latin American woman applying makeup in front of savage stone gray seamless paper

Patterns and Prints: A fashion and style vlogger with an upbeat channel and diverse topics might opt to switch out patterned backdrops like brick walls, wood planks or polka dots depending on that week’s video theme.

patterned backdrops for youtube

We know how hard it can be to put yourself out there with a new YouTube channel, but you can go into it with confidence knowing you have the perfect backdrop to make your videos look professional and give it an extra pop! Now that you are equipped with the right information you can transform your amateur vlogging setup into a professional set. 

What backdrop fits your Youtube channel style?

Tell us in the comments below!