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Your photography backdrop is an important element of a photo that shouldn’t be overlooked. While there is a broad variety of background colors, patterns and materials offered on the market, choosing the “right” backdrop can be difficult.

An essential question to ask yourself as you prepare is: “Who am I photographing?” The subject’s age, gender and personality will be the biggest indicators of the type of backdrop you need. Your 18 year old male portrait subject will not likely be pleased if you set him up on a purple polka-dotted backdrop, nor will the family of your baby portrait like an old mottled brown muslin for their baby girl.

To emphasize a young child’s beauty, innocence and inquisitive nature, brightly colored paper backdrops are the perfect solution.

Do you like using neutral or bright colors for baby portraits?

Below are 7 great examples of how seamless paper can make the perfect backdrop for any baby portrait.  

Photo by Kelly Henry via Flickr, Featuring Tulip Seamless Paper 

Photo by Jaime Baldwin via Flickr, Featuring Dove Gray Seamless Paper

Photo by Jaime Baldwin via Flickr, Featuring Sky Blue Seamless Paper 

Photo by Jaime Baldwin via Flickr, Featuring Sky Blue Seamless Paper

Photo by Anna Fonke Photography via Flickr, Featuring Thunder Gray Seamless Paper

Photo by Lisa Youngblood Photography via Flickr, Featuring Tulip Seamless Paper

Photo by Little Bit of Life Photography via Flickr


-Savage Photography Team 

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