Translum™ Backdrop

  • Add the soft glow of frosted glass to images with Savage's Translum Backdrop. Made from sturdy plastic, this versatile backdrop can be used as a light table, prop setup, or background. Props on the other side of the backdrop are seen as shapes. Easily cut with scissors, our Translum Backdrop is also ideal for cutting silhouettes. Now offered in three grades for a range of diffusion options.

    Our lightweight grade creates medium diffusion for a soft light effect in situations where some contrast is still desired.
    Our medium grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where the elimination of most shadows is desirable.
    Our original, heavy grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where diffusing light over a large area is desired. This grade is an ideal and cleanable surface for shooting tables and table tops. 
    • Sturdy, durable plastic
    • Specialized effect of frosted glass
    • Easily cut with scissors, ideal for cutting silhouettes
    • Inside core diameter: 2.125"
    • Available in 54” x 18’ and 60" x 18' rolls
  • SizeThicknessF-StopLight LossCatalog NumberWeight
    54" x 18' .0135 Styrene 2 - Heavyweight (Original) -64% 55418 8 lbs. 
    60" x 18' 8 mil Polypropylene 1.5 - Medium weight -57% 46018 8 lbs. 
    60" x 18' .005 Polyester 3/4 - Lightweight -31% 36018 8 lbs. 
    12" x 12" Sheet  Assorted Variety (2 of each)   TL212-PK 1 lb.