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Phoenix, AZ

While every effort is made to reduce waste and material damage during our production process, every month there is a small percentage of Savage background paper rolls that become unsellable due to imperfections or other issues. Rather than let these rolls go to waste, we’d love your help getting them into the hands of our local Phoenix schools! Popularly used for arts and crafts projects as well as bulletin boards, our paper rolls come in assorted colors and several sizes great for all kinds of student projects.

Phoenix-area teachers: please submit a request for a donation pick-up using our order form below. A Savage representative will contact you to confirm eligibility and appointment time.
Donations are limited supply and not guaranteed.

Note: Savage Background Paper measures 95 – 110 lb. basis weight and 145 – 163gsm, significantly thicker than butcher paper. Handle with care to avoid chance of paper cuts.

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