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Lemon Wrinkle-Resistant Background Image 1

Photos by: Ryan Walsh

Lemon Wrinkle-Resistant Background


Part Number: 31-59


Savage’s Lemon Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop offers a strong lemon finish that holds its color even under direct lights and high exposures. Sized to 5ft x 9ft (1.52m x 2.74m), this background is ideal for home studios, kid portraits & head shots. Backdrop is made from a quality yet lightweight polyester matte material. 


Wrinkle-resistant, polyester material
Sewn-in rod pocket at top for hanging
Machine washable with mild detergent, tumble dry on low
Easily release wrinkles with a warm iron on the back or steam while hanging


5ft x9ft (1.52m x 2.74m) Polyester Background 


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