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Tabletop Paper Background Sweeps (Pack of 12)

Part Number: SWP

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Savage Paper Background Sweeps come in a variety of colors and can be used for tabletop photography, including food or products. They are lightweight, conveniently sized and can be quickly set up to eliminate seams and distractions in your photo background.

Recommended accessory for the Savage Luminous Pro LED Shooting Tent.


Available in two sizes: 15.75" x 33" and 23.75" x 49"
High-quality paper
Fine-tooth, non-reflective surface
Paper density: 145 GSM
100% Recyclable
Acid-free material
12 Backgrounds included:
#01 Super White
#03 Coral
#08 Primary Red
#20 Black
#24 Orange
#26 Slate Gray
#27 Thunder Gray
#29 Orchid
#38 Canary
#46 Tech Green
#58 Studio Blue
#76 Mocha


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