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led light wand

LED Light Wand


Part Number: LW-LED


The Savage Light Wand is great for fill lighting, macro photography and product photography. This multi-application tool can hang almost anywhere with its convenient metal hook accessory, or secured to a light stand or boom, making for an excellent rim light as well. A padded handle makes it comfortable for handheld use as well. Use the stepless dimming control for optimal lighting.


Panel measures 1 7/8" wide x 24" long
1130 Lux at 1 meter
60 LED chips
CRI: 90
Attaches to 3/8" stud for light stand or boom mounting
Stepless dimming
Uses 30 watts
9' Power cord
110/240 Volt


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LED Light Wand

While the uses of the LED Light Wand are limitless, some of the most popular uses are for fill lighting, macro photography and product photography.

The LED Light Wand is currently not battery powered.

The LED Light Wand comes with a 9′ power cord.


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