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Continuous Fluorescent Light – 4×55 Watts Image 1

Continuous Fluorescent Light – 4×55 Watts

From $17.40

Part Number FL-554CFL

Product Description

Our Continuous Fluorescent Light 4 x 55 Watts offers continuous, daylight-balanced light. The four-leaf metal barn door reflectors come textured for even light reflection. Uses four 55W daylight fluorescent bulbs. Dimensions: 26” x 18” x 6”. 

Carry Case for FL-554 Light also available. This durable, lightweight nylon carry bag is specially sized to accommodate our FL-554 4-light fluorescent fixture. With outside pockets for organizing accessories and a shoulder strap for carrying ease. Measures approximately 26” x 18” x 6”. 

Replacement Continuous Fluorescent Light for 4 x 55 Watts also available.

Features & Specs

Textured barn door reflectors for even light reflection
F2.8+ 8/10 at 2m, ISO100, 1/30s


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