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Gray Pro Cloth Backdrop

Part Number: CL12

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Savage ProGray Infinity Pro Cloth reproduces in a neutral, mid-range gray that creates dramatic moods in portraits, advertising and other commercial photography.


Heavy duty, professional quality 
Seamless, made from one piece
3” rod pocket for quick hanging 
Sewn finish on all sides
Easy to clean
Carry bag for storage and transportation
100% Cotton material


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Solid Muslin Backdrops

We recommend rolling up your muslin to store or transport it. This will reduce the amount of creased and wrinkles when it is used again! All Savage muslins come with a fabric carry bag to keep the backdrops clean when stored.

Savage Muslin Backdrops are made from one piece of fabric, so they are completely seamless (with the exception of the rod pocket), ensuring your backdrop looks perfect at your next shoot!

You can hang your muslin backdrop by sliding the crossbar of your backdrop stand through the rod pocket of the backdrop, and hang just like a curtain.

All muslin backdrops come with a 3″ rod pocket for ease of hanging over any standard crossbar.

To get rid of wrinkles we recommend ironing the backdrop from the backside on low, or steaming the backdrop while it is hanging.

Check out this blog article to read more about getting wrinkles out of your muslin backdrop!

You can wash your muslin in the washing machine on a cool setting. We recommend drying for about 20 minutes and then hang it up. Be careful of over-drying as you might see shiny spots appear on the fabric

10′ W x 12′ H Solid Muslin – 5 lbs
10′ W x 24′ H Solid Muslin – 10 lbs

10′ W x 10′ H Pro Cloth – 9 lbs
10′ W x 20′ H Pro Cloth – 14 lbs

We suggest using a crossbar with a diameter of 2 1/2″ or less.

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