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seamless paper

Seamless Paper

made in the usaSavage Widetone Seamless Background Paper has been the professional photographer’s top backdrop choice for over 60 years. Our seamless paper is hands-down the most cost-effective solution for creating smooth and even backgrounds for portrait photography, commercial photography, product photography, videography, and much more. It’s also an ideal tool for other applications such as theater productions, special event decorations, display banners, posters and even video projection screens.

Savage Seamless Paper is a high-quality, non-reflecting paper background with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that belies its inexpensive price tag. Produced in our on-site plant, Seamless Backdrop Paper is core-wound on a sturdy cardboard inner core for easy hanging from a backdrop stand or other support. Colors run from the basics to the exotic and just about anything in between.

Savage paper is available in five sizes: 26” x 36′, 53” x 36′, 86″ x 36′, 107” x 36′, and 107” x 150′. Super White, Black, Storm Gray and Tech Green are also available in 140″ x 105′.

Looking for our most similar match to neutral gray? Try #9 Stone Gray!

We are committed to producing products that are eco-friendly. Our paper products utilize on average 75% recycled fiber.

Not all colors are available worldwide. Customization not available.

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