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13′ Heavy Duty Air Cushioned Light Stand

Part Number: LS-B13AC



Savage 13′ Heavy Duty Air Cushioned Light Stands are made with solid, sturdy high quality aluminum and take lighting to the max. The air cushioned feature is great for convenience and safety. If you forget to tighten any section or are quickly breaking down on set after a long day, the light will slowly and safely descend insuring against any mishaps. This useful feature saves time and fingers during a hectic shoot!

The stand’s essential benefit is in its auto-extending and collapsing legs with air cushioning that allows for quick and easy repositioning of lighting when moving between groups and in tight spaces. Simply place the stand on the ground to extend its legs and lift the stand up to retract them automatically. No longer worry about bending down to fiddle with leg locks when setting up and taking down your lighting gear.

Four sections, interchangeable 1/4″ or 3/8″ top stud that can go horizontal or vertical with sure-twist section locks.


Features & Specs

Weight: 5 lbs
Closed height: 3.7’
Lowest height use: 4.2'
13' Extension
Max weight fully extended: 11 lbs.
Air cushioned for easy adjusting
Top stud can go horizontal or vertical
Aluminum construction


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