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Light Boom Arm & Stand


Part Number: LS-B 100


Our Light Boom Arm & Stand features a 2-section boom arm adjustable from 48″ to 83″ and an interchangeable 1/4″ and 3/8″ top stud. This professional looking stand is easy to assemble and would be a great addition to your studio, ideal for positioning your lights more directly above your subject and in hard to reach places. It comes with an 11 lb. counterweight bag for extra control that can be filled with sand, dried beans, etc.


Total weight 17.2 lbs.
Heavy-duty aluminum construction
Durable leg locks and clamps
Nylon carry bag included


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Light Stands & Accessories

The Drop Stand™ is made of aluminum.

7′ Extending Drop Stand: 12 lbs
9′ Extending Drop Stand: 16 lbs
13′ Extending Drop Stand: 15 lbs

We have a variety of light stands available on our website, but our most popular is our Drop Stand™ for its patented gravity extend/collapse feature.

The Pro Duty Drop Stand can hold up to 15 lbs.

Yes, the Savage Drop Stand is air cushioned to increase security when lowering the stand.