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Drop Stand™ & Boom Arm

Part Number: DS-009-DB


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The Savage Drop Stand™ & Boom Arm features an aluminum, adjustable suspension boom arm and our 9′ Drop Stand™. Providing all the benefits of a boom, minus the bulk, this duo is your solution to convenient, on-the-go photo/video gear. The boom arm collapses down to 45″, extends to 75″ and can be swapped out on the stand with any accessory compatible with a 1/4″-20 & 3/8″ reversible stud. This boom is popular in film and TV production, giving your subject the advantage to move about freely without mic or light interference. The 9′ Drop Stand light stand can also be used independently and because of its auto-extending and collapsing legs, it is ideal for photographers and videographers working on location shoots where they must move between crowds and tight spaces with their gear. Simply place the stand on the ground to extend its legs and lift the stand up to retract them automatically. No longer worry about bending down to fiddle with leg locks when setting up and taking down your lighting gear. Includes a double zippered sand bag for counterbalance and a padded carry bag.


Auto-extend and collapse legs allow for quick repositioning & easy in moving between tight spaces or crowds
9' Drop Stand™ light stand is usable without the boom arm
Air-cushioned to increase security when lowering
Durable aluminum collars
All aluminum construction
Minimum height 43"
Folded length 41"

Maximum extended length 75" overall, (47" of usable arm from light stand to light)
Collapsed length 45"
Maximum load 5 lbs.
Maximum height with 9' DropStand 12.5'

Total weight for boom and stand: 8.2 lbs.


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